歌词Most of Me


[ti:Most Of Me]
[ar:Mandy Moore]
[al:Wild Hope]
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[00:07.25]Mandy Moore - Most Of Me
[00:15.93]I'm not ready to confront
[00:23.88]I'd rather cement my words this way
[00:31.62]This could be the easy road out
[00:39.50]But I'm just not all that happy
[00:47.18]So I'm writing all this down
[00:55.14]And I'll file it in a drawer someday
[01:03.02]In lieu of a conversation
[01:10.49]We'd probably forget to have anyway
[03:58.64][02:16.83][01:18.15]I won't hold anything back
[04:02.18][02:20.38][01:22.17]I won't hold anything in
[04:07.17][02:24.26][01:26.63]Feel like I know where this is going
[04:08.77][02:26.85][01:28.75]And I might know how it ends
[04:11.13][02:29.00][01:30.81]But I'm still
[04:13.98][02:32.03][01:33.95]Willing to begin
[01:42.68]You should know my story by now
[01:50.04]And why I'm optimistic cautiously
[01:57.85]I understand it's not your fault
[02:05.69]But I'm not takin' anything back
[02:09.88]You still end up with
[02:12.18]All Most of me
[02:38.39]I expect you to fly from NY to LA
[02:42.11]And land on my doorstep
[02:45.39]And smile at me and say
[02:49.10]It was worth it to see most of me
[02:55.83]Do you love most of me?
[03:07.23]You're just crossing paths
[03:15.31]With the way he left me
[03:23.10]I'm not sayin' a word
[03:30.00]But I'm watching you quietly
[03:37.72]You're gonna have to prove me wrong
[03:41.73]Before I know this is right
[03:45.59]We don't have to decide tonight
[03:48.40]Just wait for me patiently
[03:53.33]And you'll get all of me